Wednesday, March 08, 2006

More Money Problems

1. Seymore has just gotten a new job. On his first day, the boss gave him 2 choices for his salary. First Choice: Start at $30,000 and get a 5% raise at the end of every year. Second Choice: Start at $23,000 and get a $5000 raise at the end of each year. Calculate how much Seymore would be making at the start of the 5th year. Which is the better choice? Explain how you got your answer.

If You Like Legos

2. Jody, Amy, and Tim are building a model out of Legos. The top level is a 1 by 2 rectangle. The level directly underneath is a 2 by 3 rectangle. The level underneath is a 3 by 4 rectangle. How many Legos will they need if their building is to be 12 levels high? Make a chart to show your work.

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