Friday, September 08, 2006

Mr. Barksalot's Bath Graph

Welcome to your Math Blog. It is a place for you to post answers to questions and to communicate to the world about what happens in 8-17 Math. I would like you to leave a comment answering the following question. Some of this work will have to be done in your math journal. The bold print can be left as a comment.

Bobby fills a sink with enough water to wash his dog Mr. Barksalot. He then puts Mr. Barksalot in the sink and washes him. After he is finished he takes Mr. Barksalot out of the sink. Then he drains the sink.

Draw a graph that represents the level of water in the sink from the time paula started to fill the tub until the tub was empty. Clearly label your graph.

Explain what the graph should look like in a comment on this post AND on the back of your graph.

Mr. Harbeck

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