Friday, April 28, 2006

Multiple Questions up already

4. Since Dion use pie, I'm going to use something even better than it...... Apple PIE! So Tyler is sitting there with 74/3 of pies. While Tyler's Clone is sitting across the room with 2/4 of a pie.
So Tyler decides that His clone is hungry so he gives him half of what he has. How much will Tyler have and his clone after this exchange of Apple Pie?

4. a)a guy is ordering a pizza. he asks that it should be cut into fourths because he has four friens coming over for a game. one friend calls and asks if he can bring three friends over.The pizza's and friends arrive but each pizza is missing a piece. how many pieces of pizza are left?

4b)Im going to use pie again! I ...lets see... 4 3/4 of a pie! Yay! So much pie! I got hungry and decided to eat 3 1/2 of my pie in one sitting! i probably couldn't do this but... this is an imagnary scenario! So how much pie would I have left?

These are just a few of the many wonderful questions posted by fellow peers.
Mybe Mr. Harbuck will get rid of our sucky Seating plan

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